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Welcome webmasters! What you will find here is 40 adult top lists. The main focus of our top lists is traffic tagetting (that's why we have so many categories, gotta give them surfers what they want) and search engine traffic (currently 20% of our total traffic comes straight from search engines). Because the truth is, it's the quality that counts, not quantity. Even when our main focus is targetted, quality traffic, we are still able on average to send 200% hits back to our top list members. Our top lists have been running since 1998 and we are only getting better day by day!

Top lists rerank every 5 minutes and reset every Saterday at midnight. You will get your refferal top list link instantly upon submittion and your listing will appear in less than 5 minutes after sending the first hit. You only need to send one hit for your listing to stay listed for the whole week. But obviously the more traffic you send, the more you will get back. You can submit as many listings as you want, you can submit to as many top lists as you want.

The Top List Rules:

  • no listing submittions with illegal child porn, underage/lolita, animal (bestiality) or violence web sites or web site titles/descriptions
  • no listing submittions with links leading directly to a sponsor (unless it's your web site), every web site submitted should contain at least some free content with no more than 2 consoles per web site
  • no misleading listing submittions with titles/descriptions that do not reflect the actual content of your web site

Web site listings that don't follow any of this rules will be removed without warning.

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