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Mikes Apartment is The #1 X x X site on the Net where women Pay with sex for staying at his apartment! not money! Tons of Hot girls go to his apartment and stay there some time where he f*cks and sucks them. See them in hot videos and pics to go with them! Here are some of the Girls weve got recently.

Rebecca : Rebecca walked through the door in an outfit that had my dick screaming for attention. tight as hell light pants with a tiny matching tight top. when i see a hot pairy of pussy lips in tight pants making the perfect camel toe it brings tears to my eyes. when i saw this girls gorgeous face with a hard cockin her mouth and her tight tight pants peeled down i nearly had a heart attack.

Dana: Dana is a HOT little number from hungary. she was in the process of moving to amsterdamn and needed a place to stary for awhile. me being the kind guy that i am offered my humble abode. of coursesome barter was in order...namely a nice warm bed and somespending cash for some sweet masterbation. well, she got the bed and i got to see another beautiful pussy rubbed to climax! ;-)

Alissa: Alissa is from Poland and is doing a semester here in amsterdamn for some artsy fartsy class. it could be dong sculpturing for all i know. the one thing i do know is she needs a place to stay and i've got the perfect flat for her. at first she wasn't diggin' the camera but once i started telling her how nice her breasts are she really started to get into to it! hey baby, howabout sculpting this...SHWING!

Melody: Melody was a real, as they say back east, barn burner. Nice full round titties (natural) and delicously round rump. the kind thatlooks like a sausage ready to burst! she was a little hesitant at firstwhen she saw the camera (i think the translation from dutch to english was"who the fuck is the guy with the camera"). luckily, like most girls, as soon as she got used to it she couldn't help but to be cute for the camera.

Cristina: Cristina was straight up off the meter. this girl was so fine i thought i had died and gone to heaven ..or at least the redlight district . what a face and body this girl had. the best part is she puffedmad chronic and was down to go partying. we went down to the coffee shop, got blazed and then had some pints. when a great roommate cristina was!

Kari: Kari was quite the nice surprise. she called me about the ad in the paper and i told her to come by. she had blonde hair and an awesome tan. two huge pluses in my book. she could not believe how much the rent was so i told her we could maybe work something out. i got her into the idea and before you know it her amazing pussy was out in the open.

Silke: Silke had to be the easiest flatmate ever to find. she saw my site and emailed me! how about that for easy! she sent me an email saying she was going to be in town and really wanted to stay in the apartment and was more than excited to have some hot s.e.x. instead of paying the rent. the best part is she was hot too! this one worked out really nice and even got some anal action!

Christy: Christy was a cuttie blonde that had a nice slender body. she was passing through holand with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay. they almost shit their pants when they found out how much money it costs to stay at my flat. i told them i could work out a deal and they were more than willing. we got christy to show us her ass so we saw what we were workin with. i liked it so the action began!

Pettra: Petra was a friend ofa girl i worked with. she said that she had this cuttie friend that was coming to town to start school and needed a place to crash untilher place was ready. she said pettra was totally down with the arrangements and i found that out write off the bat. this girl was ready to suck and f*ck a cock like it was nothing. it was great she was working thatthing and was ready for more. ass instead of cash baby!

Stella: Stella called me late one night answering the ad in the paper and asked if she couldcome by. I had already fell asleep so i was kind of pissed about having to wake up. that was until of course i got to see her. super hot girl. i wanted to see her so bad that i got things started that night. i said she'd have to get down if she wanted to stay and just like that there was hot pussy getting pounded.

Eve: Eve was a smokin little cuttie.when she walked through the door all i could think about is how hot it would be to see that super cute face working a throbbing cock. luckily for me it wasn't too hard to convince her of a little ass instead of cash for the room. she pulled down her pants to reveal these super sexy little undies and then pulled them aside so we could get at that super tasty pussy.

Nicolette: Nicollete way super cool because she was a bit older than the usual girls i get trying to stay at the flat. There is something really hot about a woman that knows what she wants! Nicolette had no problems with the whole deal of "ass instead of cash"and gave me one hell of a show. She started teasing me with her tits and then let the pussy peak out a bit. From then on it just got hotter and hotter until she was franticly rubbing her clit right there on the couch!

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