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It was a hot Saturday afternoon and as Ann sat in her living room wondering how she would kill the afternoon and evening since her boy-friend Tom had gone up to the mountains fishing, she decided that she might as well make her weekly trip to the supermarket for groceries. She decided that there was no need to change clothes as she was wearing a mini-skirt and a light pull over. The fact that she had nothing underneath did not bother her as she rarely wore undies anyway. While she was locking up the doors of the house, she remembered the day she had met Jenny and the time they had afterward.

"Not today." she thought to herself,"I will never have that kind of chance encounter again anyway."

These thoughts did not leave, however, as Ann drove the five blocks to the market. Even as she parked the car and went into the market, she kept remembering her first contact with Jenny and the raw excitement of her first sexual contact with another woman. The thought still remained with her as she strolled the asiles with the squeeking shopping cart.

This being the third week-end of the month, there were relatively few shoppers during the afternoon. Ann was, in a way, relieved by this fact so she took her mind of sex and continued her rounds, picking up needed items.

As she approached the check-out counter, Ann noticed a very heavy-set woman in her late thirties standing next to her. This woman was about 5'2" and appeared to weigh well over 200 pounds, and as she was not a person who appeared to be what one would call overly sexy looking, Ann decided to strike up a conversation.

"Real hot out there today." Ann commented to the large lady.

"It sure is. I don't mind doing the shopping here today, though, 'cause I don't have an A/C at home, only a swamp cooler,"replied the lady. "My old man is too cheap to put in an A/C and would rather spend his money in those damn bars down on Van Buren St.. Sorry, I'm complaining again, this is one of my worst faults. It's just when I'm hot and sweating, I get a bit out of sorts."

" I know what you mean", replied Ann,"I get that way myself on occasion but I do have a cool house and that really makes a difference." As she said this, an idea popped into Ann's head. Here was a possibly lonely housewife who might appreciate a cool glass of iced tea in a cool house and she would be someone to talk to to while-away the afternoon that promised to be very boring otherwise.

"Pardon me for being so foreward, but if you would like, why don't you come over to my place nearby and have a glass of iced tea and chat for a while , that is if you have the time ?"

Ann really was not expecting to receive an affirmative reply and so was surprised when the lady answered,"If you really mean that, I would be ever so happy to visit for a while."

"Let me introduce myself,my name is Julie Peterson and I live out in West Glendale, married to a used car salesman and I have two children. That's just about it, how about you ?"

"I'm Ann Smithfield, single with a live-in boyfriend in the construction field and no children. OK, you follow my red Mustang and we will be there in about three minutes," replied Ann as the went to the parking lot.

The drive to Ann's house was short and uneventful. When they arrived, Julie helped Ann carry the purchases into the small wooden frame row house and at Ann's suggestion, Julie seated herself in the living room while Ann poured some of her special Chinese iced tea.

As the two women talked ,Ann examined her new-found friend. Julie was all of 200 pounds with some to spare. She had very large thighs and an extremly generous bust. She did not, however, have a protruding belly but was sort of round all the way around. This was in sharp contrast to Ann who was 5'6" and the classic shape of 33-22-34. Regardless of the difference between the two, Ann felt rather comfortable with Julie, and this started Ann thinking again.

Julie also appeared quite confortable and she talked away about the heat, her children, her bar-hopping husband, and her life in general. Ann followed the conversation and told about her life, excluding her sexual adventures, and her boy friend Tom and his fishing trips. Both women agreed that at times, men could be rather distant and thus cause the women folk great periods of boredom.

Also in contrast to Ann, Julie was dressed in a loose pull- over blouse and a medium length skirt which was below her knees when standing but pulled up a bit when she sat down. As she leaned foreward to take a sip of tea, Ann could see into the blouse and observed the large , unsupported , breasts moving about. This again started Ann thinking and this time she was not able to halt the thoughts completely. Ann realized with a start that this woman sitting in her living room had turned her on without realizing it.As the conversation progressed, Ann was busy trying to come up with an idea which would lead to a discussion of sex. Then she knew.

"You say that Charlie, your husband is always away at the bars, dosen't this , shall we say, preclude much of a sex life ?" asked Ann.

"You bet it does. The last time Charlie fooled around was so long ago I don't remember when. I guess that it is because I am so over-weight that he doesn't find me stimulating. Do you think that I am too fat to be sexy?"

" I really don't know. That would depend on a lot ot things from how a person dresses, what they look like without clothes, how they react to sex, and if they are horny much of the time," replied Ann.

"I don't know about the first but I do know that I spend a lot of time being horny. When I go to the supermarket, I watch for bulges in men's pants, or those who forget to zip themselves up pproperly. Sometimes, I get so bad that I wish that someone would rape me, as long as they were gentle. Today I even thought of buying a cucumber to use when I got home. I'm sure that such thoughts are never in your mind, being as pretty and slim as you are."

"To tell the truth, Julie, I'm no different from you. There are those times when I get to horny that I want to have sex with anyone, male or female." As she said this, Ann was watching Julie very carefully out of the corner of her eye.

Julie did not respond as fast as usual but appeared to be thinking. She then, after a minute and without looking up,said, "I have the same thoughts but I try to keep them out of my mind. When I see the pantie line through some lady's slacks or skirt, I some- times think about this but the thought disturbs me because I am sure that no woman would like to fool around with another woman, especially me."

Ann remained silent and Julie continued,"Did you ever,how do I say this, ever touch another woman's body or anything like that happen to you?"

"Yes, once." replied Ann. "But I lost contact with the lady because she became so over-sexed that I now find her embarrassing to be with." "You know, " continued Ann,"I found the touch of another woman different from that of a man and sometimes even more exciting."

As she said this, Ann could feel her stomach getting tight. She also could feel the warmth of her pussy and knew that she was now wet and ready. Before she could decide what more she would say, Julie spoke up.

"Am I too fat for you to fool around with ?"

"Are you sure that you would not regret what we might do?" answered Ann.

"If you don't find me repulsive,I would love to see what we might be able to ........" replied Julie.

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Ann was now starting to shake inside and she knew that this was a sure sign that she would enjoy what might follow. Without saying a word more, Ann got up and sat next to Julie on the couch. Julie turned to her and Ann slowly put her hand on Julie's breast. It was much bigger than Ann realized and as she lifted it she could feel the rock hard nipple.She then released the huge tit and moved down to the floor at Julie's knees. With a very gentle touch, she slid up Julie's skirt almost to her panties, but not quite. She then gently stroked the inside of Julie's thighs which opened further and further with each touch. Continuing her touch, Ann lightly touched the bulging pantie where the dampness showed like a dark spot and marked the location of the pussy's opening.

"Oh my God," moaned Julie,"I'm going to explode!"

"Easy does it,"Ann said as she slid down the plain cotton panties and placed them on the coffee table."Just relax and enjoy."

With the panties gone, Ann continued her stroking of the thighs and then, leaning foreward, touched the protruding button of Julie's cunt with her tounge.Ann could smell the oder of female and a slight natural oder of sweat. Separating Julie's legs a bit more, Ann ran her tounge up the entire length of the now red- lipped pussy and heard Julie moan again. The smell of the pussy and the taste of the pussy was getting Ann so excited that she reached down and started rubbing herself at the same time she licked and poked at Julie's cunt with her tounge. As Ann stopped for a minute and looked up, she saw Julie with her eyes closed and her head thrown back while she was rubbing and squeezing her own nipples.

"Please get down on the floor with me,"Ann suggested and Julie climbed off the couch, stripped off her remaining clothes and stood there waiting for Ann. Ann smiled and removed her skirt and blouse and then motioned for Julie to lay down, which she did.Ann straddled the large woman and put her cunt in Julie's face as she lay over the belly and started licking Julie's cunt anew.

In this new position, Ann did not know what to expect but then she felt the delicious sensation of a tounge on her own cunt and knew that Julie was getting the idea. Ann slipped her arms around the oversized hips and brought her hands to the lips of Julie's cunt, separating the sides and running her tounge into the opening which was starting to drip a creamy fluid. Ann lapped up the fluid and, with the building sensations coming from her own cunt, wet her fingers and slid all four fingers into Julie. As she did this, Julie started bucking her hips and Ann knew the climax would be near. She then realized that everything she did to Julie was being done to her as well. Knowing this, Ann wet a finger on her other hand and ,with a little push, slid it into Julie's ass hole. This was then also done to Ann and then nothing in the world could stop either woman. They finger fucked each other as if the world was about to end.

As Ann felt the climax coming she rubbed her cunt back and forth over Julie's face faster and faster. Then came the explosion and her whole insides contracted and she collapsed on Julie, who also had come at about the same time.

As the feeling subsided, Ann turned and lie next to Julie and took a nipple into her mouth as she gently sucked. To her surprise, a jet of hot liquid filled her mouth and she realized that Julie had milk.

Julie looked at Ann and said,"Please milk me dry. I usually milk myself and drink it in coffee and Charlie never found out.I feel real sexy and uninhibited when I do that but I would rather have you take it this way."

Sucking away on Julie's tits made Ann horny all over again so she reached up and took Julie's panties and shoved them into her onw cunt, creating the feeling of an enormous dick inside of her. Julie watched her do this and then took her blouse and forced in as much as would go, leaving only one sleeve sticking out. Each woman then rubbed themselves while Ann continued her sucking of the second tit. Just as she was about to finish the milk supply, both women came with an explosion that both felt insides themselves and from the other. As they lay back, relaxed and drained, the telephone rang.

Ann answered the phone and learned that Tom was in town and wanted to know if Ann needed anything at the store. Ann suggested that he pick up some hot dogs and rolls, which would take some time because he would have to go to the bank first.

Julie was all upset but Ann calmed her down saying,"Don't worry. It will take him a half hour or more before he will get here. Before you go, let me say that we have only just begun, unless you don't want to get together again."

Julie looked at Ann and said,"Let me give you my telephone number and whenever, and I mean whenever you would like to get together for cookies and milk, you supply the cookies and I will supply the milk." As she dressed, Ann noticed that Julie's tits were a little smaller than before and she mentioned this.

"Don't worry Ann, by tonite they will be back as usual and I will have plenty for my morning coffee when I'll think about what we have just done and will get horny all over again."

After Julie had left and Ann was waiting for Tom, she sat thinking that this was an experience she would repeat.


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